Whether you are at the point of starting a business or already manage an established brand, the goal you aim to achieve will be the same: making sure that your business or brand makes an impact.

Engaging your audience with a brand presentation that sticks, requires an investment in marketing and PR: you will be challenged to develop a proper strategy, optimize your recourses and launch an activation campaign that hits your audience right in their sweet spot.

As a Business and Brand Coach I will assist you with growing your brand awareness. I will tap into your brands’ potential and guide you towards the business and revenue growth you desire.

Together we will create an impact, driven by the unique selling points of your product or brand, a strategy that will knock your competitors socks off and a marketing toolbox that covers every aspect of brand positioning.

The Business and Brand Coaching model I offer, focuses on my own Four P Branding Strategy.
Four elements that are responsible for the business and brand success that you aim to achieve and,
with the right approach, you will achieve: Product | People | Process | Presentation.


The foundation on which the process of brand positioning is built. The product serves as the starting point of our business and brand coaching journey, with an emphasis on developing a clear brand profile. The distinctive character of the product as well as its marketing value (opportunities and threats) will be mapped, with a focus on target audience, brand awareness and business growth objectives and market approach.


The success of a product, business or brand is closely linked to the people behind the wheel. Are your team members equipped with adequate knowledge and experience for successfully managing a brand positioning campaign? Do you have a clear view on available or a possible lack of recourses? And do you have enough time to motivate and guide your team with a proper business and brand positioning briefing and approach?


What process is needed to convert the combination of Product and People into impressive results? Process stands for strategy and output: the focus and commitment that is required for result driven brand activation and positioning your business or brand. Do you have a plan of approach or marketing strategy in place? If so, does the output (process) match your growth expectations?


With the previous three P’s of successful branding optimized and in place, the next step that deserves the upmost attention is the online and offline presentation of your business or brand. Which marketing tools and channels are used for enthusing your target audience and what is your tone of voice? Pushing your brand awareness to the next level is where ‘presentation’ stands for, with a 100% focus on website, artwork and design, storytelling, social media, media exposure and branding campaigns.

Before we start working on driving results via my Four P Branding Strategy, I want to know all about your brand story, your business ambitions and your current challenges. Therefore, every Business and Brand Coaching journey starts with scheduling a free intake (1 hour | Skype). During this session you will have the opportunity to learn more about my coaching model and the experience and knowledge I have to share.

Once we have mapped your needs, they will be translated into focus areas and the desired level of coaching and support:
Short Track (short-term), Boost (focus area) or Growth (intensive).


Ideal for creating a short term focus on improvement and results.

Short Track Coaching offers a clear and first insight into the marketing and awareness value of a product or brand. A series of intensive coaching and inspiration sessions will be scheduled to explore and create awareness growth opportunities.

During the coaching sessions we will work on an in-depth business or brand scan and identify challenges and threats. We will also develop a short term plan of action for achieving the first results of business success you desire. A progress-evaluation will be scheduled one month after completion of ‘Short Track’.


  • 1 Month | 4 Weeks
  • 2 Weekly 1.5h Coaching Sessions
  • Business & Brand Scan
  • Plan of Action
  • Evaluation


Boost Coaching focusses on a specific part of your business or brand growth that needs attention.

Maybe you already have Product, People and Process in place, but having doubts about your Presentation? Following the intake, we will deep dive into max two sections of the Four P Branding Strategy and provide them with a result-driven boost. A specific brand awareness ingredient within the branding P-focus area will be explored, stripped and optimized to its full potential.

This package contains a series of intensive coaching and inspiration sessions, a deep-scan of selected section(s) and a hands-on assistance with creating a plan of action and activation, based on improvement and opportunities. A progress-evaluation will be scheduled one month after completion of ‘Boost’.


  • 2 Months | 8 Weeks
  • 2 Weekly 1.5h Coaching Sessions
  • Business & Brand Scan
  • Plan of Action & Activation
  • Evaluation


Growth Coaching aims at assisting you during a longer and more intensive period, from the start (research and creation) to the finish (optimization and real-time activation) of your business and brand growth journey.

Together we will develop a brand profile, explore optimization and growth opportunities within the Four P Branding Strategy and translate them into a targeted plan of action. This will be the starting point of the next step in our collaboration: activation! I will keep a strong eye on execution, focus and results and provide you with helpful feedback and input towards achieving the business and brand growth you desire.

An extensive growth and result evaluation – one month after completion of the project – also comes with this package.


  • 3 Months | 12 Weeks
  • 2 Weekly 1.5h Coaching Sessions
  • Business & Brand Scan
  • Brand Profile
  • Plan of Action & Activation
  • Evaluation


Do you have a custom business or brand coaching request, that does not match the packages I offer?

Please do not hesitate to contact me, as I am always happy to share my knowledge and experience with those who might need it. Following the intake session I will provide you with a customized business or brand coaching plan of action.

Boost Your Brand…
On Location or via Skype!