So it finally happened: I have packed my bags and moved to Italy, Torino so to speak.

Torino mapAs I write this blogpost I have experienced the first day of my life in the city of the north of Italy, which was just overwhelming. To walk around and realize that this is the place where I will be spending some time, not vacation-wise, tends to get me out of tune a bit. One moment I’m exploring the city with a big smile on my face, happy to finally be here, and the other moment the thought suddenly occurs ‘What the hell am I doing here?!’. But I know, a big and adventurous step like this takes time, and I will give it time.

For many years now I have been longing for a life in Italy. I don’t know why, I just feel more at home then in The Netherlands. The culture, the food, the people, the environment, the climate… it just grabs me. And of course I realize that this country also has its dark side. But if you use the force, one can overcome it.

A man with a plan…

These last few months were intensive, hectic and also emotional. I’ve been preparing this step in detail, so everything would be arranged and left well before leaving. But that final moment when you say goodbye to your comfort zone, your friends, your cat and also your love at the Eindhoven Airport, that’s something you’ll just have to get through. Now I’m here, there is only looking ahead. And thanks to God and Adje Middelbeek, I’ve also become a man with an ‘income plan’: situated in Torino I will be developing my new business, called ‘BnB Promotions’, aimed at setting up (online) marketing strategies for Bed and Breakfasts, Vacation Rentals and Agriturismi in Italy. I’ve already kicked off as a start. So let’s see what this adventure brings.

First Torino ice cream…

This first day of my life in Turin felt like some kind of gift: after waking up in my more than fine apartment, the sun greeted me with a smile. The Torinesi were very kind to me and I’ve also eaten my first Torino ice cream (cioccolato fondente &  crema della nonna) as a resident.

Torino street  Torino view
Street where I live & apartment view

And what about that magnificent view of the Alps that lie behind the city and also the Po river that divides it… my god!

Torino view 02

Torino Po

So day one has almost passed, with absolutely no clue what lies ahead. It feels great to finally live life without being lead by a weekly program… so let the ‘Italian state of mind’ begin!