Those who are fond of pure and authentic Italian music, should lend their ears to the songs of Gianmaria Testa. At first hearing you will probably make a comparisment with Paolo Conte, this because of the equally low and ‘smoky’ voice of Gianmaria. And also his music contains elements of jazz and folk, lead by poetic stories about the everyday life in Italy.

I first came in touch with the sympathetic singer songwriter when he was a guest in the Dutch TV program ‘Vrije Geluiden‘. I was very impressed by the story of his life and when he performed the song ‘Preferisco Cosi’ I immediately fell in love with his music. Gianmaria’s style could best be described as ‘laid back’ and very ‘soothing’. He sings in clear Italian, and therefore the context of his stories are easy to understand… If you know any Italian that is.

Although his music sounds in line with Paolo Conte, Gianmaria Testa is not yet so well known in Italy. But among connoisseurs his music is more then praised and you’ll for sure make a good impression when knowing about his music or existence.

A short introduction about Gianmaria, found on the internet:

“Self-taught Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist Gianmaria Testa first made his mark in the early 1990s with two consecutive top prizes at the Recanati Festival. A late bloomer, the Piemonte province native was already in his 30s when he recorded his first album Montgolfières in 1995, on France’s Label Bleu. Extra-Muros followed one year later on Warner Music France’s Tôt ou Tard, a label devoted to chansons. The Italian public took its time to warm up to him, but the release of Il valzer di un giorno in 2000 helped Testa achieve a popular breakthrough in his native country. His gruff but enticing voice also found an audience in Canada and the US. His discography includes the live album Solo dal vivo (2009) as well as studio efforts Da questa del Mare (2006), Vitamia (2011) and Men at Work (2013)

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