Project omschrijving

Project Brief

Raumfeld is part of the ‘Teufel Audio Group’ and offers it’s clients HiFi streaming audio via Wireless speakers and online music providers. They are considered to be one of Sonos’ main competitors and have a big audience in Germany and Sweden.

I represented Raumfeld as Online Marketeer, in which I was responsible for translating and managing their online content (website, newsletters, social media) and marketing campaigns, focused on the Dutch market.


  • Campaign Management
  • Web Content Optimization
  • SEO Copywriting


“During the time Stefano worked at Raumfeld Audio in the online marketing department, I was impressed by his enthusiastic approach to his work and his high quality standards. He did more than simply translate complicated audio texts and advertising materials, he localized them for the Dutch market and polished them until they were as amusing and readable as they were informative.

Stefano is not the sort of person who does the minimum expected of him. He always has the big picture in mind and thinks about ways to optimize processes. In addition to excellent English, Dutch and Italian and very good German language skills, Stefano has an affinity for technology and can handle any software that’s thrown his way. He learned to navigate our webshop backend very quickly. Personally, I found Stefano to very upbeat, friendly and helpful.”

Natalie von Hoffmeister, Raumfeld Audio

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